Word of Change

Word of Change

Remember You

Mar 17, 23

Find your being in wonderment of tomorrow. Seek the excitement of self in today and know that tomorrow brings abundance in the future of being, it brings the change, the scope of experiences necessary for you to open your being, your self to the full spectrum of colors that are already abundantly flowing within and around your being.

Open yourself up today to the truth of your future, allow the destined path of being, the true knowledge and discovery of you to come onboard and make themselves home in your psyche, in your way of walking, being, living and hoping. Set yourself up for success by releasing the burdens you carry of untruth, of all the stuck and unwanted energies of self that still call your unique being home.

Where do you, where does one go to find yourself without the pain you have declared your life into thus far? One ventures into the belief that tomorrow is full of beauty, that even today, when the energies of self are still off kilter you are indeed full of beauty. Pause and start to feel that beauty within, start to recognize yourself without the energies of lesser than, lesser than your truth.

Shake out the pain, the sorrow, the weight of the world that you are trying so hard to hold on too, it does not belong to anyone, and in fact none if it is true. Where does the sorrow lie other than in the eyes of its holder. Why hold the sorrow in when one can let i’s being flow naturally into the empty space of nothing? Let it go, let you being go, and experience truth beyond your imagination. Experience yourself flying when all you have known before is being stuck to the surface of despair without any hopes of lift off.

Start flying, start choosing to live happy. Start being your true self regardless of the weight you have choose to carry thus far. Start believing in tomorrow.

If the sorrow has no place to call its home, if the sorrow has no place to stay live, and propagate, sorrow survives no more. You will be free of all the barriers of self you have placed upon yourself and the world of you if you see your self as the imposed prison of self, your self imposed way of being that does nothing toward the awakening of your soul, it does nothing toward your true natural way of flying.

Remove your being from the untruth of the past, from all the way you remember yourself being lesser than. Remove your being from the burdens of self you so insistently decide to hold in your truth, remove and let yourself be free. Today, and every day is a choice into tomorrow. What are you choosing?

Today, I offer you grace of self. The grace to go on living, to go on knowing and experiencing life without your burden of being. Remember the You in this grace, remember the resonance of your being, the lightness of the way when you walk your path, when you feel the light of the world around you, and find yourself whole within. When you find yourself wanting nothing more than simply be, simply function in your unburden way of living.

Remember this way, remember this path and live your life from memory of lightness. Live your life from the moment of your conception and rewrite the past to be the true, light, unique, beautiful version of being, the actual truth in your way. Remember yourself in your divine nature, your wise, old soul of being, the architect of your path into love. Remember yourself loving, giving, truly loving your way. Remember and choose to bring that being, that frequency of self into your core of resonance. Choose to select, know and bring forth the resonance of truth to live your life forth, to know your being and be the You of tomorrows choosing.

Make a decision to remember, declare yourself whole, declare your being complete, full of light, love and sovereignty of self. Declare yourself into your truth, into your knowing and do not let any other way of being come between you and your path of choosing. Declare yourself into your life of the future and live your life from the full potentials there of, the full potential of you offering truth, love and simple being to your own self, without any burdens of being else.

Declare yourself into love. Start loving more, staring living more. Start knowing your life for its true way of being, the true potentials of love. Remember love, deep within your core, the resonance of which still lives on today and makes your world go round. Remember your being, your unique, sovereign self as the core of love, as the creator, bringer of all the ways and all the possibilities of self that still exists, vibrate and make themselves whole around you. Remember, declare, decide, resonate and be the love you are on within.

Poetry stricken, a fancy within your heart, feel the poetic flows of life paint themselves in as pictures of your truth. As an artist that paints its canvas whole in life of living, so does the poet strokes the pages of life with the words of truth, from deep within your heart. Live the poetic, beautiful, magical life of your rendition. Stoke your life with whimsy, excitement, nuance, beauty and love of its way. Be the poet, be the painter, be the self that chooses, declares and lives its life forth in the magic of its knowing, the make up of its outcomes and the truth in living as love of self.

Love, remember living, remember the resonance of self in your heart. Live from the space of that love. Choose to live, only choose to live from the truth of your being, the resonance of self that only offers you a way forward into the truth of you.

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